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sanguine_words's Journal

Where our words are also our scars.
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This is a community dedicated to the words of self-harm.

Here you are encouraged to post your own poems, songs, biographies, stories - anything that you have written about self-harm.

You do not need to be someone who intentionally harms themselves.

Please read the rules before you join. Failure to obey them will involve in a warning and/or banning from the community.


This community accepts anything from not disturbing, to extraordinarilly disturbing and explicit material. However, if you think that the material that you are posting could be offensive and/or triggering, please put it behind an LJ cut!

Stories or long posts MUST be behind an LJ cut. If you do not know how to do this, go to the help section of LJ.

Do not be intentionally nasty!! Criticism is encouraged, but don't make it personal.